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has been operating on the Słupsk market since 1991 . The beginning of our activity was outdoor advertising and the sale of advertising and construction materials, among others plexiglass, solid polycarbonate, tubular polycarbonate, PVC and the production of all kinds of plexiglass products: stands, containers, stands for shoes. We were one of the first outdoor advertising producers in Słupsk. Every day we take on new challenges that we successfully implement thanks to our many years of experience.
About us
What distinguishes us from the competition?
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    Service quality

    We pay special attention to the quality of the services and products we offer, and implement the highest standards in the production process.
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    Customer service

    Customer service in our company is always at the highest level. We make sure that our clients always receive professional help and professional support.
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    We give a guarantee of satisfaction, we make every effort to ensure that the products meet the expectations of our customers in 100%.
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    Fast execution

    Our domain is the speed of execution of orders, thanks to the combination of highly qualified employees with modern printing equipment.

Our offer

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  • UV printing

    UV printing is distinguished primarily by the possibility of printing on virtually all flat media (eg PMMA, PVC, glass, wood, plywood, cardboard, dibond, aluminum) and flexible. Fixing the print takes place using ultraviolet light. Thanks to this, the printout is dry immediately after leaving the printer and resistant to weather conditions.
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  • Latex printing

    The use of latex technology enables printing on an unlimited number of media: films, fabrics, paper, canvas, polyester media and other coated and uncoated media. Thanks to the use of a water base (about 70%) in paints, we obtain ecological printing, completely harmless to health. The thermal ink fixation method used in the printers means that the printouts are immediately ready. Thanks to latex inks, prints are very saturated with colors. Using the latex printing technique, we can print: stickers, photo wallpapers, posters, banners, etc.
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  • Stamps

    As one of the few companies in Słupsk, we make our stamps using the CO2 laser technique, which, unlike the traditional polymer technique, is characterized by exceptional durability, quality of reflection and short production time. The laser beam cuts and engraves the text in a special, very strong rubber. The laser technique, thanks to its precision, allows you to make a stamp using a very small font and a complicated logo without losing the legibility of the reflection.
  • Vehicle wrapping

    Our company has been specializing in advertising on vehicles since 1991 (cars, motorbikes, trailers, bodies and tarpaulins for delivery vans, trucks, transport units and large-size semi-trailers). Depending on the surface of the base, we print on monomeric, polymeric or cast foils. On the window surfaces, we use One Way Vision foil, ensuring visibility from the inside of the vehicle, and from the outside displaying full-color graphics.​​​​​​​
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  • Large format printing

    We offer large format prints, which are the most popular and effective form of marketing message. It is a great alternative for companies that want to advertise their services quickly and with little financial outlay in various places, both in the city and on more or less busy roads. It is an effective way to get noticed. We recommend them especially for promotional campaigns of a new product, important events, concerts and events.​​​​​​​
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  • Printing

    Our printing offer includes: business cards, leaflets, folded leaflets, catalogs, folders, offer folders, desk and hanging calendars, planners, letterhead, notebooks ... and many other products necessary in your company.​​​​​​​
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We create a printing house that carries out orders for various types of printing materials in the exact amount that our customers need!


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